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URAD collaborators develop projects that strengthen existing courses and programming. If you would like to join any of the following project planning committees, simply click the “Join a URAD Project Committee” button on the right. If you would like to stay informed of our progress on these projects, be sure to sign up for the URAD Faculty & Staff Listserv on the right.

  • Communications. Expand our capacity to publicize UNM’s many research, arts & design courses and programs, including the publication of new feature articles and social media posts.
  • Student Pathways. Create more strategic and interconnected student pathways to engagement in research, arts & design opportunities (especially during students’ first four semesters), and help faculty and staff recruit students to participate in their research, arts & design classes and programs.
  • Online URAD Student Showcase and Recognition Framework. Create a website for displaying undergraduate research, arts & design products, possibly using Adobe and/or Canvas tools. The site will include a section for juried and/or peer reviewed work, a section for faculty/staff-nominated work, and a section for student submissions. Develop protocols for juried and/or peer reviewed competitions, and recruit UNM campuses and departments to sponsor more URAD awards.
  • UROC. Continue implementing the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Conference, which was founded by Sarita Cargas and Kiyoko Simmons in Honors College. Leverage this successful event to develop similar opportunities in arts and design.
  • Grant Collaborations. Implement strategies to share and expand resources, with an emphasis on seeking new grant funding to expand the number of research, arts & design engagements.
  • Student Resources. Create new resources to help students leverage their research, arts and design activities to meet their personal and professional goals. Once these resources have been created, we will share them on a new Student version of the URAD website.
  • Data Collection and Reporting. Develop mechanisms to collect, analyze and report student participation data, helping the UNM to identify strengths and gaps in programming.


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