Call for Instructor Proposal for Peer Learning Facilitators (Eligibility: Albuquerque campus, undergraduate instruction)

We are now accepting instructor proposals requesting to work with a Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF) in undergraduate Albuquerque campus classes. Applications that utilize active learning in significant portions of class time, as well as clear relationship-building plans for the PLFs, are considered especially competitive.

Applications will be accepted while funding is available, with a best consideration date of Wednesday April 27th.  You will receive an email confirmation when we receive your proposal:

The UNM (PLF) program supports instructors and students by enabling greater utilization of active, collaborative assignments and discussion during class time, as well as extending the options for support and mentorship of students. PLFs are skilled undergraduates who are academically qualified in particular courses and trained to help their peers succeed through collaboration and mentorship. At the same time as serving in this role in your class, they are enrolled (or have completed) a 3-credit hour training course in the College of Education. PLFs are paid per hour for their service (not including their 3-credit hour course). 

In addition to the benefit to instructor and course, selection as a PLF can provide a student with meaningful sense of value to the University and within their academic field.  This can be particularly important for students from historically marginalized groups and can strengthen self-esteem as well as motivate educational or career progress. PLFs, in turn, provide students in a class with a successful near-peer model who can share information about how to navigate the class and the university.

The Program is a collaboration between the UNM Provost’s Office, the College Enrichment Program, the College of Education and Human Sciences, the Undergraduate Research, Arts and Design Network, and receives funding from student fees.  

Applications from large classes that serve as gateways to a major and those that have a high level of student difficulty are particularly encouraged.  The minimum class size supported is 35, with priority given to larger classes.  Where possible, one PLF is assigned for classes of 50 and below, 2 PLFs are assigned for classes between 50 and 150, and 3 PLFs are assigned for classes larger than 150. 

Instructors who submit before the best consideration date will be notified of PLF placement by Friday May 29th.   For more information, please contact Sushilla Knottenbelt.