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You are making the world a better place!  Research will provide you with exciting new tools to shape and strengthen your contributions.  But what is research, and how can you begin conducting research at UNM?

Research is an investigation of a question or a problem where no one is certain what the answer will be.  Researchers ask and answer interesting questions.  They build upon the work of other researchers, and they develop clear definable processes of inquiry.  They value their failures as much as their successes, and they know the importance of their research.  At UNM, you are surrounded by research experts who love their work, and who are eager to help you get started on your own journeys of discovery.

Research takes many shapes and varies considerably among UNM’s many academic disciplines.  It can be individual, where you launch your own project, or collaborative, where you work with an advisor or a team of other students. The pathways that students take to research are varied and tailored to their own strengths, experiences and interests.

By conducting research, you will build new skills that future employers and graduate programs are looking for.  Working with a faculty mentor, you will build relationships and connections to help you meet your future academic goals.

To learn more about some of those research journeys at UNM, check out URAD Expo, where you can see Research Stories and Research Projects created by students.

If you are intellectually curious about ANY subject, then we want to help you launch your own research journey.  Here are a few ways URAD can help you get started:

Check out the resources on this website.

This website introduces you to undergraduate research at UNM!  The Getting Started page shows you step-by-step how to begin your journey in research at UNM.  Here you will learn answers to such questions as “What area should I study,” “How do I find a faculty mentor,” and “How do I present my research?”

Attend a “Getting Started in Research” workshop.

This interactive workshop will guide you in taking the first steps to get involved with research at UNM. We will help you narrow down or select a topic, teach you how to find a faculty mentor with similar interests and help build your confidence to start your journey in research now. You will leave the workshop with (1) specific steps to take to get involved in research at UNM, (2) increased confidence in contacting faculty members and (3) knowledge of the research programs offered at UNM.

Register for a Workshop

Schedule an appointment with a URAD Research Specialist. 

If you would like to talk one-on-one about research opportunities at UNM, please complete the appointment-scheduling form here.  We look forward to meeting you!

Check out other UNM opportunities.

You may also be interested in participating in one of our other in-person or online workshops, which you can register for on the Workshops & Advising page.  On the Current Student Opportunities page, you will find time-sensitive research opportunities to apply for, so check this page often as we will continually post new opportunities as they arise.  Explore research projects from other undergraduates of all disciplines and learn more about the research programs at UNM with the Student Research Resources page. 

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